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Trokt Thumbprinter

Download the appropriate zip folder for either Windows or MacOS computers, run the enclosed installer, and enter your email, authorization code, and connection node when prompted.

Security Requires Immediate Certainty

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Whether you are going to court, going through discovery, or assessing the damage of an intrusion, immediately knowing what is real drastically reduces costs.

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Protecting your files with Trokt brings immediate certainty. 
Installing the Trokt Thumbprinter on you computer lets you automatically capture the Thumbprint for any vital file and store that Thumbprint in Trokt’s distributed network for future authentication. 

Using Trokt’s Thumbprinter application, or integrating Trokt into a larger system using our APIs, most individuals or organizations can set up and protect all of their sensitive files in less than one day. 

Permanent Protection for $1 per file

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How Does Trokt Work?

Trokt stores Thumbprints(1) of sensitive documents in its distributed network.(2) Demonstrating that a file’s Thumbprint is held in Trokt’s network proves – in nearly any court – that the file has not been modified in any way since the date and time it appeared in the Trokt network.

1 Trokt Thumbprints are SHA256 hashes
2 The Trokt network is a proprietary Neo-Public, Ostrom governed, hybrid blockchain


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Trokt Reduces Costs.

Every file that can be instantly proven valid – or invalid – by Trokt reduces the need for costly forensic analyses. Storing file Thumbprints for rapid validation reduces the time and cost of compliance audits or incident response and forensics efforts.

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Keep Control with Trokt.

All Trokt file Thumbprinting processes occur on the machines that hold the sensitive files. No sensitive file is opened or held by Trokt. The only data that is sent to Trokt about a sensitive file is the irreversible file Thumbprint.

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