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Our enterprise blockchain &

collaboration solutions define Truth within 

Digital Transformation

We provide solutions that accelerate digital transformation within simple but powerful end-to-end workflow management platforms for contract negotiations, execution and immutable validation.  Explore the use-cases 

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 Business Processes
Broadly Scalable &

What We Do

Our world has gone digital - quickly.  As this process of digital transformation continues to expand within nearly all public and private organizations the traditional tools and electronic workflow processes for basic word processing and e-mail communications becomes less efficient, and incorporate more associated risks with multiple versions saved across many locations. 

At Trokt, we build technologies and engineer solutions designed to lessen the clutter associated with document collaboration and secure finalized versions of various digital file types with immutability against digital fraud. 



Cloud or On-Prem

Developer Ready

Secure & Compliant


Featured Products

Trokt Digital Truth & Anti-Fraud Platform

Our Anti-Fraud technology is a fully customizable and easily scalable solution built upon highly secure digital ledger cryptography protocols.  This SaaS product can be leveraged as a stand-alone portal or as a fully integrated component via API calls into existing workflow tools or ERP systems. 


Unlike many other blockchain-like products on the market, our platform is very simple to use, integrate and requires no transfer of coins or tokens, and does NOT require any third-party storage of your sensitive contextual data.   

Trokt Smart Collaboration Platform

Our smart collaboration platform provides a simplified environment for building fully integrated or hybridized smart contract solutions. 

Administration rights can be easily established for individuals or teams within an organization and across multiple outside third-parties, while its block-by-block completion format eliminates the redundancy and risk associated with revision tracking across disparate servers.    

Markets We Serve

The markets and use cases for our products are broad and can be tailored specifically for individual client applications.

Legal & Courts

Contract negotiations, arbitration and mediation.

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Corporate & Non-Profit

Fully customizable solutions tailored to fit most existing workflow systems

State & Local

Our solutions help protect local governments against digital fraudulent activity

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Real Estate Management

Streamline transactions & compliance requirements. Significantly reduce costs.

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Education & Labor

Collective bargaining, mediation, issue tracking, grievance resolution

Supply-chain &

Improve readiness & delivery within partner ecosystem while lowering risks.



Promise of Neopublic Blockchain

The branches of opportunity for those developers building with Trokt Blockchain Platform

Digitally Forged History

Local governments contend with large losses when digital records are manipulated

Protecting Creativity

Providing your own copyright in a digital world


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