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Professional Services

Blockchain technology is often misunderstood or associated only with cryptocurrencies.  The foundation of our technology is token-less & coin-less, which greatly simplifies the long-standing value of the network, while maintaining key attributes of flexibility, security & scalable efficiencies.  

Trokt helps enterprises and organizations implement our unique blockchain-based solutions into their daily workflow operations. We work directly with your IT professionals to assess and define ideal strategies from rolling out a proof-of-concept to a complete turn-key integration based on your specific requirements.  

Our Expertise

Our consultants and developers have broad skillsets spanning many industries including aerospace, agriculture, education, energy, finance, government, healthcare technology, legal, logistics, marketing, real estate, telecommunications, and transportation.

We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to meet client needs and exceeding expectations, while maintaining a strict focus on deliverable timeframes and budgets. 

Core Competencies and Service Offerings
  • Multiple Programming Languages

    • Python, Java, C#/++ & Web development​

  • Client - Server Architectures

    • Business Automation

    • Commercial Applications

    • Website Development

    • Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, others)

  • Systems Engineering

  • Software Testing

    • Unit/Integration/System Testing​

  • Database Architectures

    • Data Storage

    • Data Processing

  • Data Encryption & Cryptography

    • Asymmetric-key, Symmetric-key​

    • Hashing

    • Digital Signature

  • Cross-Platform Software

    • iOS, Android​

  • Operating Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • ​Digital Twins

Consulting & Advisory

  • Ideation & Workshops

  • Assessments

  • Goals & Requirements

  • Budget Development

  • Technical Scope of Work Documentation

Design & Development

  • UI/UX front-end and backend implementation

  • API Development & Integration

  •  Proof-of-Concept & Viability Testing

Deployment & Training

  • Flexible architectures

  • Cloud Solutions

  • On-Premise Solutions

  • Hybrid Solutions

  • Integration Support for IT Services in-house or outsourced

Service & Management

  • Level 1, 2 or 3 Support based on your requirements

  • Open API protocols allow various service options

  • Extensive MSP Network

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