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What Makes Trokt Different

How Trokt Meets you RFP or Sole Source Needs

Our blockchain-based and smart contracting platform applications differ from alternative technologies in the following key ways - differences that make our solutions more safe, reliable and future proof

"Little things make a big difference." 

 - Yogi Berra

Trokt blockchain technology has the following unique or important attributes:

1.  Network operations use an Ostrom Governance model

An Ostrom Governance model future proofs network stability by ensuring a network's most active users cannot make operational decisions that would reduce network quality for smaller users. This is fundamentally different from traditional Neoliberal governance strategies like those governing Bitcoin where network quality can be dominated by a small number or regionally isolated users.

2.  Crypto-free network consensus

Many blockchain networks require use of a fungible cryptocurrency when requesting or prioritizing the network consensus needed to write data to the network. Networks that use crypto-dependent consensus often produce variable operational costs and performance uncertainty. Trokt uses a static cost-per-write model which enhances network predictability and economic sustainability.

3.  Wallet-free, API-based integration

Trokt allows end-users to write data into the network through API-based integrations to a network node without the use of a crypto wallets. This integration approach offers greater flexibility, ease, and interoperability for end-users.

4.  No end-user contextual data is held by the network

It is vitally important for LegalTech applications that the sequence of inter-party interactions are as protected as the data exchanged between the parties. This is impossible to protect with traditional blockchain solutions where end-user interactions are public. Trokt does not pass any contextual information about an end-user to its Neopublic network, leaving all input validation processes at the the node level.

5.  All security critical infrastructure is managed in the USA

All security critical infrastructure and applications are managed by programmers in the United States of America. No application development efforts that can impact critical network operations are outsourced overseas.

Trokt smart contracting technology has the following unique or important attributes:

1.  Dual-action validation architecture

Status or visibility changes on any block of data require no less than one independent, confirming action to be taken by the individual or process requesting the change. This dual-action architecture reduces operational human errors and enables multi-level validation for automation routines.

2.  Distributed privacy architecture

Trokt automatically distributes privacy controls to the team leaders level. This distributed privacy architecture prevents contract owners from inappropriately accessing or controlling team level permissions.

3.  Block-based independence

Smart contacts in Trokt can dynamically grow using a block-by-block architecture that default to independence between blocks. Custom integrations can enable cross-block dependencies or sequencing.

4.  Team-based consensus authority

Parties are added or integrated into a smart contract using a voting/non-voting team architecture to automatically replicate any type of non-weighted consensus strategy. Custom integrations can enable vote weighting or sequencing.

If you need further support on understanding whether Trokt meets your current requirements, please contact us today! 

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