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Trokt Collaboration

Simple, Safe, and Secure.

      Don't Risk it...Trokt it!

Trokt is a cloud-based platform that efficiently, accurately, and securely controls complex collaborations. From contract negotiation to collective bargaining, arbitration to mediation, issue tracking to grievance resolution, Trokt manages complex, multi-party collaborations in one easy to use platform so any participant can securely access and participate from anywhere at anytime using any device with all the relevant information directly at their fingertips.

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How Trokt Collaboration Works

Have you ever called or texted someone to ask: "Is this the right version of the document?" Then you need Trokt.


Trokt is the world's leading cost-effective, cloud-based platform for sensitive, multi-party collaborations. Trokt secures all communication from any number of team members on any number of teams, replacing the confusion of texts, phone calls, and emails about multiple versions of illegible redlined documents.  

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