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Enterprise & Non-Profit

Embracing Digital Transformation with Peace of Mind

Our blockchain platform applications empower businesses and organizations with simple tools to ensure digital transactions and agreements are trusted, safe and defendable

"The business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly over $176 billion by 2025, then surge to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030." 

 - Gartner, 2017


Based on standards and open language architectures allowing flexible API integrations to various workflows.


Our Neo-Public architecture combines the best of a Permissioned network with scalability and cost transparency.


Independent Governance policy based on known and highly reputable organizations.


Interoperability and Functionality NOT based in volatile crypto-currencies or tokens.

Layers of Blockchain Technology

Services Layer
Applications Layer
Semantic Layer
Network Layer

A consensus algorithm within a known network of trusted & limited nodes provides validation to authenticity on the blocks added to the network. However, this does not mean the context of the protected information or data must also be added to the block.

Our network is crypto-less and tokenless, which eliminates the price variability that comes along with mining in a public networking and at the same time ensures a consistent quality of service within the network itself.    

Infrastructure Layer

We will work with your organization to help identify areas where the Trokt blockchain can provide significant value without ever becoming an added burden to your IT team's operational responsibilities.  There are many ways opportunities for a blockchain solution can be identified, goals set, and a proof-of-concept rolled out with minimal investments of time or money.  


If you would like learn more about how Trokt might benefit your organization, please contact us today!  

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